About LGM

Hello, our names are Charlotte and Ben Wallace.  kids-playingWe are happily married and have two amazing children! It was through our desire to have the best care for our own children and our experiences looking for a higher level of care that inspired us to open Little Gifted Minds (LGM). LGM has the unique advantage of childcare center offerings for a very small number of children in a home environment. In order to keep the high level of standards that we have set, we will only be accepting 10 – 12 children into our program. LGM offers enrichment over containment with everyday excitement in learning through sensory play, music, dance, science experimentation, art, IPad, and the freedom of exploration with large child-friendly areas to actively explore both indoors and out. Our goal is to help the children in our care to feel safe, happy, and loved.

Our philosophy is to provide opportunities for your child to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in a warm, loving and nurturing atmosphere. We encourage children to learn through play. In order to do that we must ensure every child feels comfortable, safe, and involved – it is your child’s happiness that is the key to opening their mind’s doors. It is our job to open those doors and to be ready with stimulating adaptive learning opportunities. This however is not easy – it requires complete dedication, attention, and loving awareness. We fully embrace this and have the extra advantage of being experienced loving parents. We fully understand the trust that is placed with us and we take this earned trust extremely seriously. We look forward to the opportunity to provide the best possible care for your child!

benncharBen & Charlotte Wallace
Owners, Little Gifted Minds, LLC

Ben and I are both Pediatric CPR and First Aid certified. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in early childhood education. Ben owned his own IT company for 7 years, and for the last 3 years he has had a peer to peer consulting business. His consulting business brought together executives from around the nation to discuss profitable ideas. Within Little Gifted Minds (LGM) we have adapted this same model. Each quarter, we bring together educators from all around the nation to discuss the latest trends in early childhood education, and techniques that are being used in their specific area of the country. This model that we have in place helps to ensure that LGM is on the forefront of all the latest practices that are happening in early childhood education across each region of our country. Ben and I both love what we do, and we consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help mold the lives of children each and every day!