Stephanie Parks

We had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte and Ben Wallace through a mutual friend who was watching our two-year old son at the time and could no longer take care of him. I was real nervous at first because I knew it was going to be a huge change for him and I didn’t know what to expect. The first time we went to go visit them, we realized it was out of their home and not at a daycare facility. This actually made a huge difference for our son in his comfortability with them in where he was. It worked so much better for him. They showed us around with everything that they had set up and the safety precautions they had around the home. They even have separate rooms for different activities. After that, references were emailed to me, which we did check, pictures were emailed of their facility and the kids there, breakfast and snack schedules were emailed and Charlotte always had very good follow-up! They were very flexible with us on the amount of days per week our son was going to be there because it always fluctuated. Our son enjoyed going there and always came home with a project that he did, singing a song, a Spanish word he learned and always a very happy boy! The Wallace’s are huge on cognitive growth and development with having daily, themed days that included: “music” day, “sensory” day, “water” day, etc. The snacks and sippy cups were provided daily, warming up the food and food allergies were all well taken care of, birthdays were celebrated and potty training was even tended to! I would highly recommend Little Gifted Minds to any parent looking for top-quality childcare.