Dr. Jennifer Irwin

I am writing to sincerely and whole heartedly recommend Charlotte and Ben Wallace of Little Gifted Minds to care for your child. I cannot begin to articulate the difference in speech and language development, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, and academic enrichment I have seen in Collin while enrolled at Little Gifted Minds. Collin was excited to go to school every morning, and still looks forward to seeing Ben and Charlotte on school breaks (Read More)

Stephanie Parks

We had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte and Ben Wallace through a mutual friend who was watching our two-year old son at the time and could no longer take care of him. I was real nervous at first because I knew it was going to be a huge change for him and I didn’t know what to expect. The first time we went to go visit them, we realized it was out of their home and not at a daycare facility. This actually made a huge difference for our son in (Read More)

Boni Johnson

I have observed with delight the Little Gifted Minds being taught by the Wallace’s.  The innate intelligence, intuitiveness, and transparency of Charlotte and Ben Wallace support the children. They enable them to experience their environment and their own system of learning at their highest potentials and delight.  These children develop boundless confidence built on their personal learning that empowers each child’s all (Read More)